Helping busy people thrive under pressure

Power Packed Coaching for Explosive Success

Removing the challenges that block your career success

Power Packed Coaching for Explosive Success

Reset : Recharge : Refocus : Re-energise : Re-motivate

Power Packed Coaching for Explosive Success

Welcome to Brighter Changes

Manage difficult relationships and people more effectively

Communicate better with colleagues, clients, friends & family to get the results you want

Measurable results & motivation

Combat stress, burnout and procrastination to feel back in the driving seat of your own life

Decrease stress levels

Be happier at home because you’re less stressed at work and vice versa. Rebuild with confidence after relationship breakdown

Be in control of your time

Stop stuggling with juggling! Get back in control of your time and your stress levels BEFORE you reach burnout

Exceed your targets

Increase your opportunites & motivation and find a job you love

Feel confident & competent personally & professionally

Learn how to say ‘NO’, set personal boundaries and make better decisions about your career and your relationships

Get people to listen to you

Gain respect, access your full potential and help others to fully use theirs

Identify your personal values

Learn strategies to identify your core values, understand and use them for greater happiness. Be who you want to be

Improve your prospects

Noticeably improve your influence on others, your reputation, happiness & career prospects

Helping driven professionals avoid burnout and thrive under pressure

Our clients

So that you don’t waste your time, let’s start by making sure you’re in the right place for what you want.

Brighter Changes helps people who have got stuck at a crossroads, to get ‘unstuck’, solve the challenge they are facing and move forwards feeling focused,confident and positive.

Together we will help you navigate many of the complexities that people so commonly have to deal with in today’s pressurised world, so you can deal better with your dilemma, worry and frustration and decide which direction to take to create a happier, more confident future.

Cutting through life’s complications, Brighter Changes help you get clear direction.

If, either at work or at home, you are dealing with a challenge such as the ones listed on this page, you are in the best place to help you find clarity about what’s going on, avoid burnout, make a plan to get it sorted and take the action you need to feel better, stronger and more confident. Become less stressed, more true to yourself, more comfortable in your own skin and thoroughly clear in your direction and decision making!

Brighter Changes clients are competent people who are managing fine but are experiencing burnout, frustration, stress, disillusionment or just that niggling feeling that things should be better. They may be experiencing some self-doubt or overwhelm.  They want added value, more success, better relationships and to just feel happier and more effective. They are people who see that they have become stuck, and are ready to take action so they can be, do and have what they want, now.

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What we offer

This is power-packed, enjoyable coaching that enables you to get what you really want, not continue to settle for what you think you can have. 

These are some of the topics that I typically help my clients untangle and improve.

Career Burnout, Redundancy/mid-life career change,  ‘Empty nest’, Troubled relationships – should I stay or should I go?, Finding yourself single again after a marriage or long-term relationship breakdown, Confidence at work and communication with colleagues, Taking on a work role/activity you don’t feel equipped for, Coping with menopause – yours or your partner’s,  Dealing with retirement, Experiencing Regrets, Bouncing back with confidence after a personal or professional ‘knock’, Procrastination, Just wanting to feel ‘happier’

As well as having held the practical and academic coaching qualifications needed to fully support your needs for nearly 20 years, I know that ‘life’ happens to us all.  Since becoming a Coach, I myself have been through over 90% of these scenarios and been able to come out the other side smiling.  Most importantly, I have also successfully coached clients in every one of these situations so am able to offer you the understanding you need to deal creatively and proactively with the challenges you are facing right now. 

You will be enabled to be happier and more effective by thinking, communicating and behaving more confidently, resourcefully and strategically. Together we will create Brighter Changes for you!

This is where you get back in the driving seat, stop being overwhelmed and get back in control.

“I can’t believe how much of a difference just one session has made to my
life. I focused and have made some promising inroads into a problem
I saw no way out of. Thanks a million.”

Steve B,
Marketing Director, Northamptonshire

Hi. I’m Linda Moseley, ‘The Limitation Shifter’
Professional Coach, Personal Change Specialist and straight talker.

 I believe strongly that both good communication and the opportunity to reach your full potential are imperative to be happy, have excellent relationships and to thrive in the workplace and at home.  Everyone should be able to access such important personal development. 

Brighter Changes provides both life coaching and career coaching. Unusually though it also offers another unique coaching experience, working with you in that vitally important space between who you are as an individual and who you are within your career.  It’s ideal if you are not quite sure where to start with the changes you want to make.  This is not just executive coaching.  It’s not just life coaching.  It’s holistic personal development coaching – a specialised blend of both disciplines which exceeds the expectations of either, and hands you the opportunity of greater success, personally and professionally.  Understanding how closely ‘you’ as an individual and the ‘you’ you take to work are linked and how they impact on your personal satisfaction, your relationships and achievement, you’ll access your next level of success, fulfilment and contentment, both in and out of work, getting there faster, easier and more enjoyably, through the use of innovative, top quality coaching.  You want to see a real difference, don’t you?


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