Why choose me?

In a profession which remains unregulated, I believe you deserve to work with a fully qualified Personal Development Coach. I hold a Masters Degree in Coaching from the University of Warwick, and 20+ years of coaching experience to offer you a vast array of tools and strategies to help you get to where you want to be… quickly!

Personal development, career and life coaching for professional people

Linda Moseley -‘The Limitation Shifter’

Professional Coach, Personal Change Specialist and straight talker.

What struck me when I first qualified as a life and executive coach back in 2004, was the immense difference between a supportive chat with friends or family, and an extraordinary professional coaching conversation which enhances your self-worth, self-confidence and your capability. This was game changing!

It’s that difference that provides results and lets you tap into better thinking and action. It gets you confidently back in the driving seat of your life in a resourceful and resilient way, and with a smile on your face. That’s what drives me and means I can be truly authentic working with my coaching clients.

From my early career as a careers guidance professional, and having always been passionate about helping people to find the life and career they love, I have helped individual professionals and organisations to handle the pressure of today’s workplace, without having to burn out or leave, for over 20 years. I care about seeing my clients thrive at work instead of settling for something they drag themselves out of bed for every morning, just to pay the mortgage. And at the same time, it’s a privilege to help them create a personal life that makes them smile.

Both personal and professional experience fuel my desire to help people discover their direction and create the future they want through these game-changing conversations.

I first saw the impact of burnout when I was working in a highly demanding environment and juggling a young family and I gave up the role due to the pressure. It happened more than once! I even took a career break for 3 years due to that pressure. As a result, my career, my confidence, and my finances suffered, and I resolved to discover how people can handle pressure, whether that’s coming from work or home, without burning out.

Continuous professional development is incredibly important to me for my own and my clients’ benefit so after my original practical coach accreditation, I went on to study NLP and took a Master’s Degree in Coaching and I hold professional membership of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, the Association for Coaching and the Careers Development Institute.

When people have the right skills & support, they can thrive in highly demanding environments & achieve a work life balance they can be proud of.

Why choose coaching with me?

Like you perhaps, I always wanted a fulfilling career and a great relationship. Perhaps also like you, I experienced situations where I lost focus or was scared to say ‘No’. I went through times when I was frustrated with myself for compromising my values and not achieving what I KNEW I could or should achieve. I was distracted by procrastination and blinded by worries about other peoples’ opinions.

I survived relationship breakdown and burnout and now have the skill, experience and strategies to help people like you to have a successful career and a happy family life at the same time. I know that when you have the right skills and support, you can thrive in highly demanding environments and achieve a work life balance you are proud of.

I’m being frank here, so you know I understand losing direction, feeling burnt out, procrastinating, settling for imperfect relationships, or not communicating your desires clearly. To feel stuck in a job or marriage that overwhelms or doesn’t fulfil you.

What I believe

Unless you stop putting pressure on yourself, you’re always going to feel that you’re not achieving enough. Unless you have a good sense of self-worth, and are proud of you, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It clouds your decision making, your focus, your confidence, and your time management. It can destroy your career and your health. Ultimately that can destroy your finances and your relationships. 

This is how I know that to create change, you need to want it and be ready for it. I only work with clients who crave real results and are genuinely ready for the challenge of working with a coach. If you are up to this challenge, you can have that fulfilling career and relationship and be in control without running yourself into the ground. I’m proud to be able to say that I’m your ‘go-to person’ if you want someone with the understanding, and the skill to get you beyond your challenge.

Who do I help?

  • Busy professionals who are under pressure at work or home
  • Career changers who aren’t sure which way to turn
  • Those at a life crossroads who want new personal direction and motivation to confidently plan their next chapter in life or work. 
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • SMEs and Businesses in the South and Midlands
  • Business Leaders and CEOs
  • Team Leaders and middle management
  • Individual team members

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One more thing ….  This is NOT therapy.

This is NOT therapy. This is strategy, action and results driven. If you have been referred to me by another of my clients, you may know that I can be a bit of a ‘boot-camp’ coach if that’s what you want. The much gentler version is also available of course!

Helping you find better answers is what I do best. You’ll feel re-energised, back in control and can truly start moving forward. You’ll revamp your career and get your mojo back! Together we’ll bring out the very best you.

"My sessions with Linda have been a revelation. I would never have believed that Linda’s techniques could have brought about the insight that has led to the improvements in business efficiency and personal balance that I am now enjoying. I would recommend the experience to anyone needing a sounding board for personal and business growth."


Author and Chief Executive, National Business Advice Company, Kent

"“I can’t believe how much of a difference just one session has made to my life. I focused and have made some promising inroads into a problem I saw no way out of. Thanks a million."

Steve B.

Marketing Director, Beach Marketing, Northamptonshire