About Your Coach

Hello – it’s good to ‘meet’ you

For well over 25 years as a Coach, Careers Adviser and Personal Change Specialist, I have helped people  improve areas of their lives that they are not happy with.  Enabling students, trainees and senior management to raise their aspirations and reach their potential at work, and supporting personal clients improve their confidence and relationships at home.  I specialise in communication, confidence and relationships, particularly where this limits success and happiness.  Experience has taught me that you get what you limit yourself to and I am dedicated to shifting the limitations of my clients. 

I believe that you deserve to work with a Personal Development Coach who is fully qualified, and in a profession which remains unregulated, integrity is paramount.  This led me to undertake rigorous coaching training many years ago and qualify in NLP and EFT (tapping) as well as Coaching, so that each of my clients can access whatever works best for them.   Consolidating this further, I completed my Masters Degree in Coaching at the University of Warwick, so I can offer you a vast array of tools, strategies and experience to help you get to where you want to be.

Brighter Changes

With skill and experience, Brighter Changes enables you to achieve your results and you’ll understand the immense difference between a supportive chat with friends or family and an extraordinary professional coaching conversation.

Always passionate as a Careers Coach about helping people to find lives they love and thrive at work instead of settling for something they have to drag themselves out of bed for to pay the mortgage, I qualified in 2004 and began coaching fabulous clients to kick start their personal transformations.  I now help individuals and organisations though the Stop the Burnout before it Stops You! programme, to equip them with the skills to handle the pressure of today’s workplace without having to burnout or leave. I have experienced and conquered burnout, and am now passionate about showing people how to have a successful career and a happy family life. 

Life doesn’t always run smoothly though, and so personal and professional experience also contributed to the Me Now! programme helping people to rediscover their identity and direction following relationship breakdown.  Thank you to all of you who have written testimonials to express how well the process has worked for you and how your lives and careers have improved by working with Brighter Changes.

To create change, you need to want it and be ready for it. I only work with clients who are genuinely ready for the challenge of working with a coach and who crave results. If you are up to this challenge, you can achieve what you want and deserve!

Like you perhaps, I experienced situations in the past where I wasn’t true to myself, lost focus or was scared to say ‘No’.  I’ve been frustrated with myself for compromising my values and not achieving things I KNEW I could achieve.  Sometimes I lost confidence and allowed myself to be influenced by others away from the direction I wanted. Does this sound familiar?

I’m being frank here, so you know I understand.  To lose direction, feel burnt out, procrastinate, settle for imperfect relationships or not communicate your desires clearly.  To feel stuck in a job or marriage that overwhelms or doesn’t fulfil you. I have been there too. That’s why I’m your ‘go-to person’ today if you want someone with understanding, and who has the skill to enable you to find your way beyond your challenge.    I can help you to tap in to better thinking and action and get you back in the driving seat in a fun, resourceful and resilient way.  Working with Brighter Changes is the way to smarter thinking, creative action and a happier you and will give you the strategies you need today.

One more thing …

This is NOT therapy.  This is action and results driven.  If you have been referred to me by another of my clients, you may know that I can be a bit of a ‘boot-camp’ coach if that’s what you want. The much gentler version is also available of course!  🙂   If you want to create positive change, helping you find better answers is what I do best. You’ll feel re-energised, back in control and can truly start moving forward.

Together we’ll bring out the very best you.