Breakout from Burnout Your bespoke programme to regain time, energy, confidence & control.

Are you dealing with pressure of overwhelm at work and find there’s just not enough hours in the day? A coaching programme will help you think more clearly and avoid the habits that cause burnout. You’ll create a strategy for action which gets you back in control so you can perform better under pressure.

It could save your career, your health, your family, and your finances.

Pressure and burnout affect people who want to do a good job, get it right, help others, meet your targets, and do everything that’s required. You care and want to be reliable.
You may be a perfectionist, a procrastinator or the one people rely on? The one who manages to juggle everything, provide for your family, and still meet important deadlines? You might even be that person who can’t say ‘NO’ and doesn’t want to let anyone down?
‘Breakout from Burnout’ helps you become resilient and regain confidence in your own ability. A personal coaching programme to reduce stress levels and get back in the driving seat by beating procrastination and preserving your energy. You’ll achieve focus, direction and find confidence in your decision making again!
What happens if I don’t do anything about it? In the long-term it could lead to • Burnout • The loss of your career • The loss of your health • The loss of your relationship All of these will have a serious impact on your finances and your future.

Who gains the most from a ‘Breakout from Burnout’ programme?

Driven professionals, the self-employed and generally busy people who want to thrive under pressure without having to drop any of the plates they are spinning.  Competent people who are coping but feel ground down and whose time and energy are being sapped. 

They want both a successful career AND a happy family life but are currently experiencing frustration, stress, disillusionment, overwhelm, self-doubt, exhaustion or just that niggling feeling that things should be better. People who find it hard to say ‘No’.

You are good at your job so people demand even more of you.  They rely on you, knowing that you will deliver.

You want to feel back in control and have more success, better relationships, a better work life balance, feel more effective and quite frankly, get your mojo back.

You are someone who recognises you’ve become stuck and are ready to take action to be, do and have what you want, now. And yes, this IS possible.

Burnout might show up as sleep problems, indecision, tiredness and apathy or irritability, losing your temper or avoiding people or situations. You may also find yourself using ‘numbing’ activities such as increased exercise, food, drink, or social media scrolling.

How does it work?

Burnout is a state of exhaustion which can leave you feeling overwhelmed, helpless, cynical and detached from family, friends and loved ones. No longer able to perform to the best of your ability.

How do we end up heading for burnout?

With new ways of working, more and more people find they are overwhelmed at work and by life, with extra tasks, extra hours and more distractions leading to greater stress. The effect of this is reduced creativity, poor productivity, becoming less effective and focused and a decrease in the ability to make good decisions.
When this builds up, it can destroy you, your health, and ultimately your family.

What are the signs of potential burnout?

These can vary from person to person. They may include feelings of helplessness, overwhelm and detachment, meaning you are less interested in your job, family, friends and activities you once enjoyed. It might show up as sleep problems, indecision, tiredness and apathy or irritability, losing your temper or avoiding people or situations. You may also find yourself using ‘numbing’ activities such as increased food, drink, or social media scrolling.

How do we solve burnout?

Everyone is different, so by discovering what is really going on for you, we will work out a bespoke plan to design the future you really want. This includes what you want to add into your life and work, and what you want to remove. You’ll be happier and more effective by thinking, communicating, and behaving more confidently and strategically. You’ll get your focus back.

The ‘Breakout from Burnout’ programme enables you to get back in control of your

• Time management
• Decision making
• Boundaries
• Ability to say ‘No’
• Procrastination
• Communication and confidence
• Relationships at work and at home
• Stress and overwhelm

Together we will create Brighter Changes for you.
This is where you get back in the driving seat, stop being overwhelmed and get back in control.

"My sessions with Linda have been a revelation. I would never have believed that Linda’s techniques could have brought about the insight that has led to the improvements in business efficiency and personal balance that I am now enjoying. I would recommend the experience to anyone needing a sounding board for personal and business growth."


Author and Chief Executive, National Business Advice Company, Kent

"“I can’t believe how much of a difference just one session has made to my life. I focused and have made some promising inroads into a problem I saw no way out of. Thanks a million."

Steve B.

Marketing Director, Beach Marketing, Northamptonshire