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Workplace Drop-in Coaching provides personal 1:2:1 access to a coach in the office, supporting staff with their immediate pressures, concerns and challenges.

Workplace Coaching Clinics are available to be run on site or virtually in your organisation once a month or by negotiable arrangement.

The workplace has changed dramatically in the past few years and people are having to adapt to new ways of working. This has led to challenges that people are struggling to adjust to. Managers may be leading teams of individuals who are working remotely for at least part of the time and this can lead to challenges around trust, motivation and inclusion.

Workplace Coaching provides one-to-one access to a coach in the office, or virtually, supporting staff with their immediate pressures, concerns and challenges. It’s carried out in-house and considers the culture and the needs of the organisation.

Enabling you to overcome the challenges around focus, remote & hybrid working, trust, motivation and inclusion.

How does it work?

Workplace Coaching involves Linda being booked in to an office or available virtually, in your organisation on a regular day each month, with appointments made available for staff. Individuals can book in advance to meet with the coach or may be able to drop in if there is space available on the day. They may choose to have just one session, or book a series of consultations over subsequent months, as required. These appointments afford staff members access to someone from outside the organisation, for impartial support and advice, and to help them improve their performance, confidence and job satisfaction.

What does the coaching involve?

  • Coaching appointments are usually 45 minutes long and up to seven meetings may be held in one day (with a fifteen-minute gap between each).
  • Coaching is proven to help reduce overwhelm and improve morale and motivation.
  • Common issues or worrying trends may be flagged to management, whilst maintaining confidentiality of staff members.
  • The additional benefit of having the Coach in-situ makes the environment a more attractive place to be, aids wellbeing and encourages people to want to be in the workplace.
  • Workplace Coaching Clinics are available to be run on site in your organisation once a month or by negotiable arrangement.
  • Get in touch to find out how your business and staff can benefit.

50% of sick leave is attributed to work related stress. Our experience and expertise enables us to improve your employee well-being and retention, and create a happy, productive work environment.

Online Coaching Clinics

Run in a similar way to the Workplace Coaching Clinics outlined above, Online Clinics are the virtual equivalent, with the one-to-one meetings being held online via Zoom. Useful for organisations where staff are mainly or completely working remotely.

Again, Linda would be engaged to run a Clinic on a regular day each month and members of staff can pre-book themselves into a 45-minute coaching session.


Linda is available for your organisation, either in person or virtually, to deliver presentations on stopping burnout.  These can be tailored to your needs in terms of time, audience and content and will share real strategies for helping your people to handle pressure without getting burnt out in today’s working environments.  People are working longer and harder without necessarily achieving more, in a bid to cope with fragmented tasks and increasing demands.  50% of sick leave is attributed to work stress related issues and Linda’s personal and professional experience enables her to help you with employee retention and making your place of work a happy one.  Get in touch to discuss how she can help.

There’s never any charge for a first conversation – so let’s talk and see how you too can move forwards.

"My sessions with Linda have been a revelation. I would never have believed that Linda’s techniques could have brought about the insight that has led to the improvements in business efficiency and personal balance that I am now enjoying. I would recommend the experience to anyone needing a sounding board for personal and business growth."


Author and Chief Executive, National Business Advice Company, Kent

"“I can’t believe how much of a difference just one session has made to my life. I focused and have made some promising inroads into a problem I saw no way out of. Thanks a million."

Steve B.

Marketing Director, Beach Marketing, Northamptonshire

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Linda Moseley  Career & Personal Development Coach

Over 20 years’ experience helping people with their efficiency at work, their relationships, communication and confidence.  She specialises in supporting her clients to design the future they really want for themselves.

She is a fully qualified Coach and Master NLP practitioner and holds a Master’s degree in Coaching as well as being a member of the Association for Coaching, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the Careers Development Institute.


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