How long should I expect to work with my Coach?

The length of time depends a lot on the type of goals you have, the coaching programme you choose, how fast you want to see the results and on your other commitments. You could book in every week, every fortnight or every month. All of this is negotiable, however most people work with me initially for 6 sessions over about three months.

Is coaching expensive?

At Brighter Changes we don’t think so.  But what are we comparing it to?

I work with all kinds of people, some on the brink of divorce or having gone through this, some exhausted or suffering from burnout or on the way to this, some whose business is reliant on them being and giving more than they are able to.  People who have lost direction and are just about getting by, but only being half as effective and happy as they should be.

The financial implications and the emotional costs if they don’t get back in control or make a positive change are enormous including relationship breakdown and business failure or loss of their job.

We often find that people haven’t made any kind of real investment in themselves.  They might have read a self-help book or attended a workshop.  Sometimes they learned a new strategy and were inspired and motivated to change for a short while.  But quickly that energy faded and they fell back into their old patterns. At Brighter Changes, we propose a fundamental shift in how you show up in the world.  You are held accountable in all areas of your life where you want to see improvement.  Business, relationships, health, self-care and wealth. 

We see people experience transformation in all these areas, get work under control and thriving, bring their marriages back from the brink and become healthier and happier.  We believe that the ROI is huge compared to the investment.

Where will my coaching take place?

Depending on distance,  time constraints, any current Covid restrictions when applicable, and personal preferences, this is flexible.   We can work in homes or places of work.   Although it isn’t necessary, it can be nice to meet at least once in person and you are most welcome to come to my office in the Vale of White Horse on the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire border. However a neutral venue such as a coffee shop is preferred by some of my clients and of course Zoom and telephone coaching are also the most time and cost effective options many clients enjoy. People are often surprised at how easy and comfortable phone coaching is, which means that you can be wherever you want/need to be and don’t have to think about how you look! 🙂

What packages are available?

Good news! Fortunately, the cost of your coaching sessions compared to the value that their impact has on your work and your life, is encouragingly disproportionate. Even though you will gain from the benefits indefinitely, you only need to pay for your Coach’s time, input and experience whilst you are working directly with them, and because all clients are treated as individuals, just like all other aspects of your coaching, how you choose to proceed will be discussed and agreed specifically with you when you book. In this way, you get exactly what you need to make the best progress in the fastest time. You can feel completely comfortable in our work together as your coach has the experience and understanding of your challenge to enable optimum results.

If you are a business considering executive coaching for either individuals or staff teams, please get in touch and we will put together a package to suit your needs and budget.

Here’s a guide to individual coaching…

  • All programmes include:
  • A free no obligation initial consultation
  • A safe , non-judgmental, constructive thinking space to enable you to clarify your thoughts and find your best way forward by working with someone who is entirely looking after your best interests
  • A personalised package of coaching.  Being experienced in many coaching approaches, your coach will be able to offer you exactly the right type for you so that you can ENJOY the process of positive change.  A truly bespoke service.
  • Adaptability offered at every session for whichever style of coaching conversation you need on a certain day whether that be gentle encouragement or ‘boot-camp’!
  • Ease of access every time – flexibility for you to decide at each session whether you want to meet in person, via Zoom or telephone
  • Complete confidentiality always guaranteed – this is very important for you to know and to trust in, especially if someone has recommended me to you 
  • 6 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions up to 75 minutes including a hard or digital copy final report for you to keep documenting your journey, ensure momentum for you going forwards and help you maintain your positive action.
  • A free 20 minute catch-up session 2 months after your last booked session to provide another boost of momentum

Also available 

‘Stop the Burnout before it Stops You!’ programme for driven professionals who want to avoid burnout and thrive in their career without overwhelm and exhaustion

‘Me Now!’ programme for those wanting to move on after relationship break-up with optimism and self-belief

  • 3M programme – Monthly Motivation & Maintenance – 12 x 1-2-1 sessions up to 90 mins each taken monthly over a year.  Provides regular momentum, motivation and maintenance.  Excellent for longer term planning and/or slower deliberate change and improvement.  Can be taken as an initial option or as a follow up maintenance plan after another package.                                                       
  • Group coachingfor 2, 3 or 4 people all with a similar issue they want to work on.  This could be, for example, finding career direction/change, challenges in a relationship, building greater confidence and self-belief 
  • VIP DAYS – Coming soon! Contact me for more details or to put your name on the waiting list     Full day (10am – 4pm) dedicated to you plus an extra follow-up coaching session to consolidate your VIP day.  Available just for you, or for you and up to two friends/family/colleagues.  Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day. 



How will I know if Personal Coaching is right for me?

If you are interested but perhaps wonder whether it’s actually the right thing for you, why not opt for a free consultation?  That means you don’t commit to anything until you find out what it’s like, have the opportunity to have all your questions answered and feel able to make a well-informed decision.  Because you’ll be talking to a professional, not a sales person, you won’t be pressured into investing in coaching for yourself unless we both agree that it’s right for you.  Why not visit the Process page to get an idea of how it works?  In the meantime, if you are looking for any of the following, then it’s a very good start:

  • To understand what you really want, be able to juggle that with commitments you can’t change and confidently manage the necessary steps towards it
  • To understand your options and be helped to come up with other options you hadn’t even considered
  • To be able to make these decisions confidently and be able to handle any difficult conversations where necessary
  • To gain confidence and self-belief and so replace confusion with clarity and certainty. 
  • To have the courage of your own convictions in creating an action plan. To gain and to be able to maintain the motivation to carry out that action plan and to minimise risk of possible fallout amongst those closest to you from your new actions and attitude to life

Please feel free to email or phone with no obligation if you have any other questions and I will be pleased to help.  Alternatively, why not get in touch via the contact us page?